Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Athletes also Entrepreneurs

This article, from CNN Money- talks about Olympians who are also entrepreneurs. I thought that since we are in the throws of the games in Sochi that this would be  a fun and interesting story to look at. 

The article talks about Olympic curler, Debbie McCormick who found training for gold while trying to maintain a regular job was far too difficult. So she decided to take her economic prosperity into her own hands and started her own business, Goldline Mobile Pro Shop - selling curling equipment at different tournaments. 

Olympic athletes have unique time constrains around training, traveling and competing- and holding a steady 9-5 is not easy. As well, paying for equipment and other expenses for the sport can be costly when not covered through sponsorship or Olympic funding. 

Olympic athletes also have a mindset that is also very attuned to a successful entrepreneur: drive, determination and a consistent end-goal in sight. 

I think this article is interesting because it shows us how entrepreneurs can come from all walks of life and how sometimes our other life goals and dreams can lead us to a path of entrepreneurship that maybe we would not otherwise see for ourselves. 

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