Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lively puts the concert in your pocket - for a price

Lively is an app that lets you download a professional, three-camera recording of a live music performance. Fo $5 you can hear a recording of the show you just saw minutes after the show is over, and video is available for $10 24 hours later. The service and its founder each possess some of the traits we've talked about in class. 

Lively's founder and CEO, Dean Graziano, is described as being a "disarmingly enthusiastic New Jersey native whose operating speed exceeds normal limits and whose conversation is peppered with startup jargon like “cap ex” (capital expenditure) and “scale it” (bang for your buck)."

They've also go a "special sauce" going for them. They've "developed a device to record shows directly through the mixing board and post them for sale almost immediately."

That's intriguing, because as someone who goes to a lot of shows and cares about sound, I wouldn't want the video recording if the sound wasn't up to par.

Lively charges $1000 for shooting and edits the video the next day. They take 30 percent of the retail income, the App Store gets 30 and the artist gets between 40 and 70 percent.

Their location is another interesting factor. 18 of the company's 25 employees work at an Austin mansion called “Lively Manor,” where bonus material is recorded at a studio, sponsors are wooed at parties and community is "developed."

The article finishes on a dire note: "But the startup world is notoriously mercurial. And cutthroat. Another player, Evntlive, in Redwood City, Calif., recently entered the marketplace with $2.3 million in financing and was promptly gobbled up by Yahoo."


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