Saturday, March 22, 2014

What is a media company?

GoPro Goes Big as a Hybrid Media Company/Videocam MakerYou may be familiar with GoPro, the small video cameras that are the darling of participants in extreme sports and the rest of us who may want to see what the world looks like from our dog's point of view.

We tend not to think of a manufacturer of consumer electronics such as GoPro as a media enterprise. But the boundaries of industry sectors is fluid. In this article in Businessweek, we get a hint that content may be as critical to GoPro's future as the attributes of the device itself. 

“It’s not about hardware anymore; it’s about software and experiences,” the article quotes Christopher Chute, the research director at market research company IDC. “And I think that’s been GoPro’s vision from the get-go.”

But then would this make Canon or Panasonic or any manufacturer of video cameras a media company? What's the distinction?

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